How to Consume Cannabis Oils


How to Consume Cannabis Oils

Written by Pamela West & Brishna Kamal

Photography by Oli Jardin


August 2022 marks a milestone for Earthwolf Farms in Canada with the much-anticipated release of our edible terpene-enriched cannabis oils (hash infused into organic carrier oils) into the Canadian recreational and medical markets. Our first product going to Ontario and BC retailers via the BCLDB, and OCS is our Zen Oil, which is high in THC and is meant for relaxation and achieving serenity or as an aid for sleep. We are excited to be able to offer a delicious, organic, terpene-enriched oil to take your receptors beyond the current distillate and isolate edible oils available on the market.  

There are so many uses and advantages to using an edible cannabis oil over other concentrate forms, such that keeping a bottle on hand is common among experienced users. Oils are easy to take, easy to dose, very discreet, and have multiple uses, making them the perfect cannabis product to keep in your stash cabinet. 

A significant advantage of edible cannabis oils is it allows consumption of cannabinoids without combusting, smoking or vaping, and can be used in discreet settings. Being able to consume cannabis without smoking/inhaling it allows those with chronic breathing conditions to receive the benefits of cannabinoids without causing agitation to their lungs. For those who consume daily, edible cannabis tinctures provide them with the opportunity to consume once a day for a full day’s effect, as the effects of edible oils can last 4-10 hrs, depending on the person’s biology.  

Compared to the prepared edibles available on the market, such as gummies with a legal limit of 10mg/THC, edible oil tinctures allow you to consume a higher concentration of cannabinoids in one dose. This is an advantage for those who consume it on a regular basis, for those who may have a higher tolerance to cannabis or for those that are consuming it in a variety of ways.  

Furthermore, for the holistic health-conscious, choosing an oil tincture helps you avoid the usual added processed sugars, salts, and preservatives often found in prepared edibles. For the planet-conscious, edible tinctures usually come in a single bottle with simple outer cardboard that has slightly less plastic waste than what is created by prepared cannabis edible packaging. The glass bottles are recyclable and can be used for homemade preparations or in the kitchen for a variety of uses. For the budget conscious, one bottle can provide upwards of 30 servings or more, a much more economical option when compared to buying the same number of cannabinoids in a prepared edible.  

Five Ways to Use Cannabis Oil Tinctures  

  1. Straight under the tongue. Hold for up to three minutes before swallowing to allow absorption through your mucosal membranes, bypassing the liver and helping your body to start feeling the effects, even before it is digested.  
  1. In a drink. Put a few drops in your favourite hot or cold drink like hot cocoa or a smoothie! It’s easy to make by dropping the oil right in.  
  1. Drizzled on your food.   
  1. Added to your recipes. Baked goods, salad dressing… The options are endless and have never been easier than with an oil that’s been tested for potency and is easy to measure.   
  1. Used topically on the skin. Great for massages or for spot application. No added fragrance or synthetic chemicals that are sometimes found in certain brands of cannabis topicals.   

What to look for when shopping for cannabis tinctures   

Check the ingredients. Most infused oils on the market are made with two basic ingredients, an oil carrier, and cannabis concentrate such as isolates, kief, trim etc. These two ingredients, however, can vary vastly in quality and how they are processed. Some are made with distinct types of oils, like MCT or grapeseed oil, and if you are sensitive to those ingredients or have digestive concerns, they might not be the right carrier oils for you. Knowing what kind of concentrate is in the formulation is also important since not all concentrates have the same compounds and therefore effects. Isolates have a single cannabinoid, distillates have a few more cannabinoids but no innate terpenes, and organic solventless concentrates such as bubble hash come with cannabinoids, flavonoids, and native terpenes. Ask your budtender for the product details and/or look it up on the product company’s website.

Suggestions for newer consumers  

It is important to remind all inexperienced users that taking cannabis orally rather than smoking results in different effects that are longer lasting, more psychoactive, take longer to feel, and potentially can be felt more in the body’s peripheral nervous system. The difference between inhaling cannabis with THC and eating it is that your body processes it through the digestive system rather than absorbing it through your lungs and bloodstream. Once THC goes through your liver, it metabolizes from Delta-9-THC to 11-hydroxy-tetracannabidiol, a different molecule whose effects may feel stronger and can last up to 12 hours.  

If it is your first time consuming edible cannabis, or if you are trying a new product out for the first few times, it is important to learn how your body responds and to figure out how much your lowest needed dosage for you is. Dosing edible THC guidelines include starting with a small 1-2mg/THC. It does not sound like much, for many it will not feel like anything, but for a few it could feel like a lot or enough. If it feels like you could take more on the same day, wait at least 2 hours before taking more. Taking too much may result in drowsiness and feeling uncomfortable for hours.  

Best times to take edible oil: Before bed and anytime you would like long-lasting full-body effects.  

Caution: Do not consume cannabis oils before operating heavy machinery.   

If you would like to try an infused oil that provides a multitude of cannabinoids and terpenes, we recommend trying our EarthWolf Farms Zen Oil. The Zen Oil is crafted with live solventless bubble hash from organic sun-grown cannabis and infused into a mixture of organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil and organic virgin olive oil. This oil offers a generous serving of multiple cannabinoids, native terpenes, and flavonoids but without the chlorophyll, so you get the delicious cannabis flavours without the grassy taste. Ask for it at your favourite cannabis retail shop! 

Watch a video guide on consuming cannabis oil using an oral syringe 🙂

Find it at the BCLDB & OCS!

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