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5 Ways to Use Bubble Hash


5 Ways to Use Bubble Hash

Bubble Hash is one of the most unique specialty cannabis products available that provides a pure experience without impurities. When chlorophyll, plant contaminants, or by-products of solvent extracts are no longer in the picture, the final product delivers a much cleaner taste with less product needed to feel the effects.   

Once you know a few ways to enjoy it, you will want to add a gram or two to your revolving stash.  

Bubble hash, also known as ice water hash, is a concentration of cannabis trichomes which house all the plant cannabinoids, terpenoids, flavonoids, and thiols. To make it, fresh frozen or dried flowers are washed in ice water to knock off all the trichomes and then separated in micron-specific mesh bags and collected by size. ‘Live’ bubble hash is made with cannabis flowers that are fresh frozen at harvest and have a higher cannabinoid and terpene potency over dried flower biomass.  

Depending on how it’s packaged, its melt factor, and how it’s stored between processing and consumer, bubble hash can come to you in multiple ways, from a fine powder to a little pressed hash cake.   

The Fire Pack – bubble hash trio sampler pack. Available at Ontario retailers and on the OCS website.

Here are 5 ways to enjoy bubble hash: 

  1. Straight in a hash pipe. A hash pipe is like a regular pipe, except it has a little mesh screen that holds your hash high in the bowl. In its powdered form, you can load bubble hash right on the screen, or you can play with it a little to melt it with your fingers into a little ball. Load a piece of hash, about the size of a pea, and light it up to inhale the smoke.   
  1. On top of your flower bowl. A pleasant way to improve on a bowl of flower is to put a little piece of hash right on top and let it melt into the bowl as it gets ignited while you are smoking it down. On top of making your bowl more potent, it also adds a set of flavours to enhance the flower.   
  1. Roll it up in a joint. Increase your joint rolling game by sprinkling a little hash into the flower as you are prepping your paper. Alternatively, you can play with your hash and roll it into a worm shape and place it into the length of your paper. Roll it up, light it up, and enjoy the smooth flavours and boosted effects added by the hash.   
  1. Vaporization in a Dab rig. A dab rig is a smoking piece where the bowl (also called a banger) is heated up to about 400-650F degrees and then a little dab of concentrate, about the size of a seed or pea, is dropped into the banger. As the heat vaporizes off the cannabinoids and terpenes, you inhale the vapours. At lower temperatures, below 500F, you can experience more of the terpene flavours and at higher temperatures, you get a slightly harder hit. It is personal preference how hot you take your dab. Some bubble hashes with specific microns (ie. 73μm) will fully melt and vaporize without leaving major residue.  
  1. Cook with it. One of the biggest reasons to cook with hash is that your end products come out tasting less grassy if you can taste the cannabis at all. While there are many ways to cook with hash by infusing it into an oil first, the traditional way to cook with hash is to simply add it into your food as it is cooking. Using tested products allows you to know how potent your product is so you can dilute and adjust your portion sizes accordingly. For example, if you add a gram of hash that has 600mg/g of THC to a batch of brownies that makes 24, you can estimate that each brownie will have 25mg of THC.   

The key to a superior hash experience, besides great hash, is having the right tools. A proper little hash/kief scoop and the right smoking device will go a long way in your hash enjoyment activities.  

tundra bubble hash on dab tool
Tundra Bubble Hash. Available in BC – ask for it at your local cannabis shop.

To stay in our solventless circle, sign up here.   

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